Magical Myth Game

Magical Myth

Magical Myth is a new point and click escape game developed only by the ever popular Enagames Studios! In the Kindom of Hawkreign, magic is the primary element of its citizens. From the poor to royalty, magic was also bartered among those who seek solutions from the most mundane of problems to complicated political battles fought by the greatest magicians. The most revered of these magicians have formed a council to safeguard the treasures of the kingdom. In a small village outside of the capital, a young boy by the name of Arran was showing much promise to mastering the art of magic. He was brought in by his grandfather to the capital’s most prestigious school for young gifted magic users under the wings of The Seven. Passing one test after another, Arran was now given a final task to retrieve the Shield of Amon, one of the treasures guarded by the master magicians. He must use his skill in magic to disarm traps and locate the shield, then escape in a limited amount of time. By then only, will he be accepted as an apprentice under one of The Seven.

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