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Fantasy Mars Escape Game

Fantasy Mars Escape

Have fun then, as you select this new game right here! Fantasy Mars Escape is an exciting new point and click planetary escape game produced by Wow Escape! Be ready to escape out of a place where oxygen is absolutely less to none at all!

In your journey to space, all that you remembered was seeing the moon up-close at fly-by. Just a bunch of stars too as you go deeper out from the reaches of Earth. But today however, was a memorable milestone in the history of the human race! For you all just landed on the red planet called Mars! Wow! This is such an event, and the place kinda looks like the arid deserts back on Earth, but nothing compares to the redness of this place altogether. You all took samples and tons of photos to mission control through your rounds at the surface of the planet. Things were okay when suddenly, you came across a problem which is a dangerous one indeed!

Your teammates were all inside the ship when suddenly, a major bug engaged and launch the spaceship back to orbit on Mars! Rendering you alone on the surface of the planet! Oh gosh, this is not happening. And the only thing you have are a few tools and a temporary space pod. Okay then, in-order for you to escape out of this dusty landscape, you must make most out of the things you can find and eventually, you’ll survive this ordeal. Are you ready for this escape attempt of your life? Good luck!


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Walkthrough for Fantasy Mars Escape

Can't quite figure-out what you need to do? You may try the video below to see a few hints that you have been missing.

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