Dam Game


Dam is the second new point and click item retrieval escape game sequel developed by Enagames Studios! Enjoy this new game here and let us all continue this awesome adventure! This game is a new sequel from the previous one so, better go and try that first!

You have just collected a mystery map from the Md bank manager’s secret office! This is some achievement for all of us now. Inside the map states the location of 10 hidden treasure pieces from 10 different locations. You have no idea what treasure or treasures are hidden there but I bet the Md is unbelievably rich because of those. Okay then, this treasure map is absolutely vital. So, will you follow it to wherever it will lead you?

The first location on the map is at a dam. So, you followed it and before you know it, you are there. Strange though, security is close to zero even though the map is stating that one of the treasures is here. Well, there could be traps here that’s why. Okay then, find the treasure here and do be careful, open your senses and watch-out for everything that will be coming at you. Good luck and have loads of fun here!

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Walkthrough for Dam

Are you stuck at one point in the game? You can try and watch the video below then for an overall guide throughout the game!

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