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Single Bed Room Escape Game

Single Bed Room Escape

Single Bed Room Escape is an exciting point and click indoor escape game developed by Genie Fun Games for more fun escape adventures right-here from a decent room.

Luis is just being a kid in his own room not doing anything in this boring vacation month, but this specific day however, little did Luis know that he is going to experience something quite troublesome and very concerning. Luis fell asleep in his room due to the absolute boredom and when he woke-up, he found that his door is locked and his phone is gone! Oh gosh, this could be another of his mom’s pranks, but when he took a look outside, his mom’s car is currently not present and the explanation is, she might have already left for work!

This is not good now, for Luis is currently trapped alone in his own room and there’s no food here to come-by until she returns, no one to call for as well due to his phone being missing. Luis needs to escape here using everything he currently has and everything he knows about his room. Escape players, care to try the game here with Luis and see if you can escape out of the room as well? Place yourself on Luis then and have fun on the escape. Good luck!

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