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Siau Island Tarsier Escape Game

Siau Island Tarsier Escape

Siau Island Tarsier Escape is an exciting point and click animal rescue escape game developed by Zoo Zoo Games! Enjoy the game escape players, have fun on the rescue attempt.

There was a notorious hunter in the forest who have been hunting everything that comes in his path. The animal rescue organization and wildlife conservationists have gone in action for the acts that the hunter are making, and it’s slowly decreasing the number of rare animals in the area if not every week then each and every day! What a damage can one man cause, and the authorities had already made attempts to capture him but he just slips-away all the time.

That day, Wesley was circling around the forest just for fun when accidentally, he came across the notorious hunter in the area! The guy was trapping one of the rarest and very hard to spot bird in this area, that is the Tarsier bird! Okay, Wesley was confused of what he needs to do next, but after the hunter trapped the creature, he left as quickly as he saw him. Now what in the world was that all about? Wesley was confused but right-now, he needs to free the bird quickly before time runs-out. Good luck escape players, try the game and have fun with the game!

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Walkthrough for Siau Island Tarsier Escape

Escape players, are you having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Try the video below then, see more hidden clues which you might have missed along the way.

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