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Pheasant Forest Escape Game

Pheasant Forest Escape

Thank you for trying-out this game here escape players, have fun! Pheasant Forest Escape is an exciting point and click wilderness escape game developed by Big Escape Games! Enjoy the game here escape players, have lots of fun as well.

The forest Joey is heading to is crawling with river channels that eventually lead to the great lake near his home. Joey wanted to see what lies upstream and he heard that the forest he is heading to is filled with birds, specifically those beautiful pheasants. Joey haven’t seen a real-live pheasant before, and because of that, he took the people’s rumors and come to find-out what those things really look like personally. After an hour of moving upstream, Joey came to realize that he had passed the border and now, he is in the pheasant forest.

Soon after, Joey noticed the beautiful pheasants along the way. The pheasants were dazzling in color, they all look healthy and thriving, but as Joey keeps going through the forest, he slowly realized that the path seems to be different, he kept trying to figure it out but eventually, Joey concluded that he is finally lost! This should not be happening, for the place is easy to traverse and bright, but it won’t be bright soon if he doesn’t find the way back. Escape players, place yourself on Joey here, use your skills and logic so you can escape the forest successfully. Good luck!

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Walkthrough for Pheasant Forest Escape

Having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Watch the video below then, let it be a guide through the challenges of the game.

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