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Parrot Escape from Cage Game

Parrot Escape from Cage

Parrot Escape from Cage is a new point and click pet rescue escape game created by Avm Games for an awesome adventure into the wilderness and a fun rescue attempt as well.

You went to your grandparent’s farm house to spend the summer here. As you got there, they gave you a parrot as a gift and you named it Gypsy! Because of the range of colors it possesses just like a gypsy. But Gypsy had a condition as you saw him, for he is injured and could not fly. You pitied your pet, so you nourished him back to health as carefully as you can.

After a few weeks, Gypsy is now better! He can fly about now, and you thought of releasing him, and so, you did! Your grandparents were a bit baffled but, that’s the kind of person you are. As a reward however, Gypsy mysteriously keep coming back from the forest every single day on schedule. You were so thrilled! Gypsy had made this place her home too.

But one day however, Gypsy did not came back! It was strange, and worrying. You worried enough to the point you decided to go on a hike and maybe you’ll find the little guy. Maybe Gypsy is in some sort of trouble? And you can’t have that now! Find your parrot now and do it quickly before dark. Good luck!

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