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Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels Game

Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels

Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels is an exciting new point and click ancient place escape game developed by Enagames Studios for an awesome escape attempt and a wilderness adventure!

Working as an archeologist is one of the greatest things you have ever achieved, and of course, you are very proud of it! Today, you are with your friends who are all archeologists as well, in-order to unravel the secrets of the pyramids in the desert. Deep inside the pyramid is a shrine, and that’s where your knowledge stops. So, you are all here to find-out what’s really behind it.

It was a hot and dry day, and things were normal at this point until, a huge sandstorm struck the area blowing away all of your friends and the rest of the gear gone! You were lucky enough to be sheltered by the pyramid and things could not get any worst!

Now, searching for your friends is priority but, you have been at it for days now! And supplies are getting shorter by the day. As a few moments of your stay here, you might as well try and get this pyramid to unlock its secrets! But the question is, will you be able to though? Good luck!

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