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Jail Breakers Escape Game

Jail Breakers Escape

Jail Breakers Escape is an exciting point and click prison escape game developed by Nsr Games! Enjoy another escape adventure here, see how much fun you can get from here.

This prison here is the worst which Arnold had ever been into, he totally had huge regrets doing that attack on one of the officers, that caused for his transfer and now, the place is totally eating him alive. But even though the prison is quite unpleasant, Arnold still hatched a plan to escape from it. The walls and floors of the cells here are very soft, soft enough to dig through and moist enough not to make too-much noise. And so for months, Arnold got to digging and eventually, he finally had access to the tunnels just below his cell-block.

Arnold finally has a way to escape this place, will he be able to leave this filthy prison before he gets caught? Escape players, try this game then with Arnold and see if you can get yourself out from his situation successfully. Use your skills and logic now, for you’re definitely gonna need it on this escape. Good luck, stay alert and don’t forget to have lots of fun as well!

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Walkthrough for Jail Breakers Escape

Are you having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues which you might have missed along the way!

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