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Honey Hive Forest Escape Game

Honey Hive Forest Escape

Honey Hive Forest Escape is an exciting point and click wilderness escape game developed by Wow Escape! Enjoy the game escape players, have fun escaping from the beautiful wilderness here.

The forest here looks really surreal especially in the mornings, but as for Daemon however, he knows what’s really real here in the forest. It’s the precious honey that it holds and Daemon is gonna find some of it. The honey here is none like any other, one can ever taste, that is why a lot of people settled-in the area just to get a supply of honey everyday.

Daemon plans to get a few jugs of honey in this forest later-on, but in-order for him to achieve that while the people also demands for more, he must increase the supply by protecting the bees and the flora of this place. He must do it or everything here will be wiped-out, but as he prepares himself in the forest that day however, a trouble came to pass which is really an unbelievable thing to happen and an inconvenience too. Daemon got lost in the forest and right-now, he is gonna need some help in escaping! Darn, you were doing a right thing and now this happens. Escape players, care to join the game here and help Daemon out? Good luck then and have fun as well.


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Walkthrough for Honey Hive Forest Escape

Having a hard-time figuring-out the game? Try the video below then, see more hidden clues which you might have missed along the way.

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