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Escape Sandy Land Game

Escape Sandy Land

Escape Sandy Land is a daring point and click desert escape game developed by Selfdefiant and published by Mouse City for more fun escape adventures which you can join here!

Something very mysterious happened that day with Maurice, for he came across a situation which he could not explain and now, his life could be in real danger because of it! It was a very slow day as Maurice comes home from work and he was really tired for running into a lot of overtimes and extra work, so he decided to take a small doze in his bed for he can’t really think straight and maybe, a nap is needed. Maurice clearly remembers sleeping in his home and on his bed, but when he woke-up from his sleep, he came to find himself in a place which was the least of his expectations.

Maurice is now lying on the sand, in the heat of day, and in the desert! What the what!? Maurice was really confused as to why he had found himself there, for he knows that he can’t sleep-walk to the desert for there is really no desert area in the country! And to top the weird situation off, Maurice is currently living alone and he did not expect anyone to prank him this good. Well, this is one weird situation that anyone can get themselves into, but will Maurice be able to figure these things out and get back home? Escape players, you can try this game with Maurice here, see if you can survive the desert and ultimately escape from it. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough for Escape Sandy Land

Having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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