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Escape From Fort Game

Escape From Fort

Escape From Fort is an exciting point and click fort escape game developed by Top 10 New Games! Enjoy the game escape players, have fun on the adventure here.

There was a grand fort which lies close in the forest and is once was the house of the great king. But on these modern times, the place is being preserved for future generations. Carl and his friends came to realize that there is a place like this so, they all came to see it. As they arrived, their first impression was amazement! For the entire area was really grand. Throughout the day, they all wandered through the halls until night came, Carl and the gang needed to go home then, for the place will close-up soon, but there’s a problem however, concerning Carl himself.

Carl realized that he is lost in the fort and his friends are now gone! Okay, this is definitely not good, for all he know his friends already got-out of the place. Escape players, care to try this game here with Carl and see if you can escape from this fort? Place yourself on the situation then and good luck with the escape attempt. Have fun and stay alert!

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Walkthrough for Escape From Fort

Are you having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues which you might have missed along the way!

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