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Escape From Diamond Door Game

Escape From Diamond Door

Escape From Diamond Door is an exciting point and click weird place escape game developed by Avm Games! Enjoy the game escape players, have fun escaping from the weird place here.

Derek loved his blog so much, even though there are only a few followers who watches his work, he is still proud to ever make it this far and it’s just his passion to do so, but one day however, a really weird thing happened. The followers quickly began streaming-in by the hundreds and later-on by the thousands! Derek never expected this would happen, especially on the fact that it happened in just a day.

Derek appreciated the attention which the followers gave to him, but as he streams for his work in-order to make it better, he found a strange e-mail which contained a link. At first he was hesitant to click it for not all the time things can be safe especially in the internet, but Derek clicked it anyways. After clicking, nothing happened at first, but suddenly, Derek was sucked in his computer and now, he is in a fantasy-looking place which looked really scary! Okay, what just happened? Derek was so confused as to what had happened but he knows that he is still alive and must escape the place wherever this is. Will Derek be able to find something which can help him out? Escape players, try the game and good luck with the adventure.

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Walkthrough for Escape From Diamond Door

Escape players, are you having a hard-time trying to finish the game here? Try the video below then, see more hidden clues which you might have missed.

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