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DD Castle Escape Game

DD Castle Escape

DD Castle Escape is an exciting point and click icy castle escape game developed by Angel Escape! Enjoy the game here and see if you can escape out of an icy landscape.

Tyler went on an adventure to the ice mountain and right now, Tyler is loving the scenes of the thick blankets of snow along the way. Now, the end of this trail actually leads to the DD castle which is an abandoned place and it’s a cold one indeed. Tyler wants to see the actual hallways and dungeons there for the people actually told you that the treasures of the royal family is still in the place! But nobody would approach that place though for various reasons which one unfortunately, Tyler is going to find-out himself.

Tyler got stuck in the DD castle and that is another reason why people don’t go in this place, it has a lot of traps and probably curses too! To add to that, wild predators have already occupied the area and through those things, people tend to avoid the place. Okay, Tyler needs to break-free from this place using what he has right-now, and furthermore, he has to use his skills and logic as well. Okay escape players, would you be willing to try the game and help Tyler out? If so then try not to show that you are stressed, for the predators can definitely smell fear. Good luck!

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Walkthrough for DD Castle Escape

Having a bit of trouble trying to survive through the game? Try the video below then, see a few hidden clues which you might have missed along the way.

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