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Cellar Leakage Flood Escape Game

Cellar Leakage Flood Escape

Thank you for trying-out this game here escape players, have lots of fun then! Cellar Leakage Flood Escape is a daring point and click indoor escape game developed by Genie Fun Games for more fun escapes right-here with us.

The new year holiday is slowly approaching, so before the year finally ends and transition to the new one, Mark fixed a whole lot of stuff in his place so that the house will stay fix and not messy through the year. That day, he did accomplish everything he needs to do, from cracked walls, to car repairs and pipe-line re-patching, all seems to be in-order, well it changed though when he opened the main water switch outside.

A leak sprung from the cellar and he can clearly see it seeping through his newly repaired line! This is not good, for this area of the house here can quickly overflow if not quickly patched-up, so Mark rushed there and tried to solve the problem the best he can, but he soon realized too that there’s another problem which just sprung and it just weighed-in on the situation. As Mark entered the cellar, the door behind him closed and upon realizing that, he began panicking for the door has a tendency to lock and not open from the inside! Mark needs to solve all of the problems here, if he don’t as quickly as he can then he can potentially drown in his own cellar without nobody knowing what’s going on. Escape players, you are welcome to try this time-crisis escape game with Mark, good luck everyone and don’t forget to have fun!

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