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Cartoon Alien Escape Game

Cartoon Alien Escape

Cartoon Alien Escape is a daring new point and click rescue escape game produced by Avm Games! Enjoy this new game here and as a really weird thing, rescue something out of this world!

The city is getting really boring and your daily routine is getting a lot more, routine. So today, you decided to visit your grandparent’s place somewhere near the mountains. As you got there, they got you a pretty cool but unusual gift from them all! The gift was a pet alien! An alien!? After receiving it, you have a lot of questions like where is it from or how did they get it but, the thing is actually wounded. So, you planned to raise it back to health.

A few weeks passed and the alien got its strength. It was full of life! And as for its reward, you set it free into the forest. Which, came back to you every single day at a specific time. But one day though, the alien never came back! This was so unusual, and you just thought that your pet was in-trouble, you really had a feeling about this. So, will you go on an adventure into the forest just to rescue your missing pet? If you choose to do so, then good luck and have loads of fun as well!

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Walkthrough for Cartoon Alien Escape

Still couldn't find what you are looking for in this game? You can very well try the video below to see through the game for clues!

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