Calf Escape Game

Calf Escape

Calf Escape is a daring point and click animal rescue escape game developed by 8b Games for more fun rescue escape adventures right here with us!

Ronald’s home is always in a ruckus, for his house is located just beside his farm, and the animals are quite a handful, especially the newborn calf for it runs-around really quickly messing things around in the farm. That day, because it is quite restless, the calf unfortunately met a certain trouble in the wilderness. The calf got trapped in some sort of contraption and now, it is struggling to break-free!

Okay, there must be something going-on here which is out of Ronald’s knowledge, for there is actually a trap in an area he knows quite well. Now, Ronald knows there are hungry predators around this area, aside from the one who trapped his calf, will Ronald be able to get his calf to safety? You can try this one escape players to see the outcome, or better yet, you can place yourself on the shoes of Ronald and do the rescue yourself! Use your skills and logic now, for your going to need it here before it gets dark. Stay alert and good luck.

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Walkthrough for Calf Escape

Having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues as well as objects which you might have missed along the way!

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